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“Gisele won my case three times.   Sun Life Insurance Company wanted to deduct my veteran’s benefits from the amount of the disability benefits  it paid to me.  She won the case in the United States  District Court  for the District of Maine which ruled in my favor prohibiting SunLife  from taking the deduction.  Then there was a second round.  Sun Life appealed its loss to the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.  Gisele won again.  Sun Life then petitioned the Supreme Court of the United States to hear the case and Gisele successfully argued that the Supreme Court should not take on my case and overturn the victory in the First Circuit.

Gisele was devoted and tireless. An important part of my case involved a complex calculation of the amount of benefits owed and interest.  Gisele engaged the services of an experienced, well-respected, accountant who is familiar with the court process to be sure that I got every penny that I deserved.”

David Hannington

“I have a complex disability in light of the very particular demands, potentially life-threatening, of my profession as a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner. My case was complex and Gisele was a very close listener. We were able to successfully collaborate because Gisele respected me and my insight. A very important aspect of the case was the Functional Capacity Examination and report by a well-respected expert witness with whom Gisele has a close relationship. She easily rendered useless the surveillance done by the Company.”

Gary Moretti
South Portland

“I knew when I hired Gisele that I was getting the right person for my case. She worked hard for me and the result was the reinstatement of my benefits.”

Stephanie Tyler

“Gisele really lived up to her reputation.”

Danny Boutin

“It became fruitless to deal with Sun Life on my own. It was clear I was getting the runaround and the company hoped that I would just give up. It was not planning to give me the first penny of the disability benefits I deserved. Luckily I was referred to Gisele who is an expert in these types of disability cases. Gisele single-handedly went up against this major insurance company and against a large, prestigious law firm and never flinched. I got what I deserved because she really cared about me and my case. I would recommend Gisele to anyone.”

Suzanne Serreze

“I called Gisele because she was highly recommended as experienced in ERISA disability cases. MetLife was threatening a huge reduction in the amount of my disability benefits. I was very troubled because I had no idea how I would get by if MetLife went forward with its plans. Gisele very quickly took the matter in her own hands and Met Life very quickly agreed not to take the deduction. I’m glad I was referred to Gisele.”

Michael Sudderly

“I always felt that my case was important to Gisele. She always talked with me when I called. She knew my file because she cared about me and my case. This is the reason I got the benefits I deserve.”

Theresa Davis